This page provides links to some references.

Normative references

  • RFC 4795 – The latest published specification for LLMNR.

Informative references


The Cable Guy – November 2006
An introductory article featuring LLMNR that describes the implementation in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Related software

  • Samba – A free SMB/CIFS server software commonly used on GNU/Linux operating systems, which is one of the software that will benefit most from LLMNR.
  • BlueZ – The Bluetooth protocol stack for GNU/Linux, which will require LLMNR for name resolution on the Personal Area Network Profile.

Alternatives to xllmnrd

  • systemd – An init daemon suite, which claims its systemd-resolved can work as a LLMNR sender and responder.
  • LLMNR implementation for Linux – A prior (inactive) attempt to implement LLMNR on GNU/Linux.