This page describes the prcs2hg project and its product.

prcs2hg is a command (and also a Python package) to convert a PRCS project to Mercurial revisions. It would help you publish the revision history of an obsolete project whose changes were maintained with PRCS.

prcs2hg is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the OSI-approved MIT License. Its source code is hosted publicly on Bitbucket as a Mercurial repository. See the repository wiki for more information about the repository.

Project description

The author started this project to make the historic Virtual X68000 source code stored only as PRCS projects published on the internet by using services like Ohloh.


I have several software projects whose versions are managed by PRCS by Joshua MacDonald. However, PRCS has lost activities to keep updated with the real world for long, so I have finally decided to use Mercurial as my main version control system instead.

Now I have a big problem. That is how I can convert my projects into Mercurial repositories.

One possible solution is to import only the newest revision on each branch into the new repositories and to give up older ones, but I do not want to do such a thing. That is why I try to write this converter program.

Restoring PRCS

As PRCS is no longer maintained, it cannot be built out of the box with recent C++ compilers. So this project has restored PRCS for modern operating systems and made it available from the SourceForge project.