Answers To Common Questions

Note: some answers may be out of date now; please be patient.

General questions

What is this program?

HgBDS Mercurial Integration is a RAD Studio plug-in to integrate basic Mercurial version control functions into the IDE. It is not a complete version control system but just a front-end for Mercurial, so you must have a version of Mercurial such as TortoiseHg installed on your computer to use it.

Which version of RAD Studio is supported?

It should be compatible with RAD Studio XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, and XE6 (including their single language versions such as Delphi or C++Builder). For older versions such as RAD Studio 2010, the author has no plan to support them.

Note that Embarcadero has already de-supported RAD Studio XE, XE2, and XE3. The author would consider dropping support for such versions soon unless there is sufficient interest.

Which version of Mercurial is supported?

The absolute minimum is version 1.9 since this program uses the command server mode, but any later versions may be required.

What can I do in the IDE?

This program is not ready for general use yet, but you can do the followings in the IDE:

  • Browse the commit history of a file, and
  • Compare revisions (including one that is not saved yet) of it.

We are still working (slowly) on this program so that you can also do the followings:

  • Add/remove files to/from the repository (hg add/remove),
  • Commit new revisions (hg commit),
  • Update the project to any revision (hg update), and so on.

We have many things to do.

Is this program free?

Yes, in the sense you are free to copy it.

Technical questions

How does this program work?

It extends the RAD Studio IDE using the Tools API.